why the grand voyageur?

We’ve searched far and wide for the best raw materials and craftspeople to create the perfect travel companion. And here it is – the grand voyageur:


like a good wine, it just gets better with age

The benefit of having high quality vachetta leather is how it will develop over time. While beautiful to begin with, it develops a wonderful patina, adding character and personality to your grand voyageur. Unlike other notebooks which are designed to wear out, the grand voyageur leather cover is designed to last a lifetime and to grow with your needs.


after 3 years

move the cursor to discover how your leather ages

keep your life organized

The grand voyageur is designed to hold all your daily essentials in one place, to minimise the size in your pockets and to last a lifetime. In the picture it shows a real grand voyageur in daily use which holds: 2x Notebooks, 1x Calendar, 1x Passport, 2x Credit Cards, 1x Driver License, 5x Business Cards, 1x Receipt and 1x Fountain pen

before after

adapts to your daily needs

The grand voyageur is completely modular – that is, there’s no fixed way you have to use it. Your way is the right way. Our grand voyageur is designed to use a simple ribbon system which easily holds 2 notebooks, whether it’s graph paper, squared paper, lined, plain or dotted, or a calendar, card and cash holder or zip pocket inserts. By adding more ribbons you can add more inserts. We understand each person is different so we don’t try to limit you, we try to make it your own and be flexible.


the easy refill system

In the following videos we show you how the easy ribbon system works. Simply watch the videos now to see how to add 2 refills, or to add more than 2 refills.

how to add 2 refills
how to add 3 refills

start your journey today

The grand voyageur comes as standard with your choice of leather cover, colour of ribbons to hold your refills and keep it closed and a plain notebook already inside. It comes packaged in locally sourced Austrian pulped cardboard packaging with an outer sleeve.

leather cover


ribbon loop






all the sizes you need

Our leather covers comes in a range of sizes to suit your every need. Our grand voyageur comes as either [pocket] or [xl] size. The [pocket] fits nicely into your coat or jacket pocket and is small enough to carry while big enough to hold all your daily essentials. The [xl] is bigger and is designed to be used for extended writing and note taking and is the perfect writing notebook. The [a5] and [a4] are our portfolio range journal are our largest sizes and are big enough to hold full size A5 or A4 writing notebooks, has leather slots for business and credit cards, pockets for holding notes and loose pages and can even hold an phone in [a5] or iPad or iMac in [a4] within their designed pockets.



We make everything by hand here in our workshop in Vienna which means you get a personalised product just for you. When making your order you can choose your leather colour, your refills, your ribbon colour and you can also choose if you would like your journal embossed with your initials or personal message. It’s a great way to add the finishing touches to your personal companion.

emboss your initials

emboss your message

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the best materials

At paper republic we believe in quality. It’s how we began our journey – trying to find the perfect notebook and realising it didn’t exist… so we made it!

  • natural leather

    and not just any leather – the best full grain, vegetable-tanned leather you will find today. We really mean it.

  • natural paper

    sustainable, Swedish non-treated 80gsm paper which is 20% “thicker” than normal paper. The crème de le crème of paper.

  • handcrafted in vienna

    our busy little workshop in the historic 18th district of Vienna is where our paper republic leather crafters (who have studied leather design and craft all over the world) review your order and then cut and prepare your personalised leather journal. Begin your order today and gain a companion which will last you a lifetime.